Electric Universe

When an iconic brand like Porsche crosses our path, it triggers a sense of pride and ignites our inner creative passion to do great work. After meeting the Porsche Taycan Turbo S for the first time, it was clear that the iconic Porsche design would not only spark the imagination, but resonate with your inner core. The feeling was instant, this was a cinematic moment. A shot of creative adrenaline for us to shoot the kind of photography that would elevate the Porsche brand to new heights. This was our inspiration, our elevated mood and everything was aligned that evening. The location locked down and weather atmospherics were in perfect formation for our shoot for the Porsche Taycan Turbo S

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Awesome Opportunities

Are you ready to collaborate in creating a completely new realm of possibilities? Yes, that is a massive statement and we are stepping up to create this fresh set of challenges.

If like us, you are tuning into the great awakening that is in full force on all dimensions simultaneously and feel that we are on the cusp of experiencing a new era in positive creative thinking. Buckle-up. We are in for a ride.

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Fortnite Starts Here

For all players and fans of the game, FORTNITE – STARTS HERE.  Europafilms created an action trailer for the game Fortnite. The edit was inspired by one of our own music tracks 2 Weeks Off.

The trailer features 3D animation sequences and visual effects from the original game trailer launch by Epic Games as well as Actual Game Play.  The popular action game Fortnite features in Episode 01 of SHOWCASE by NXT Studios. NXT Studios is a a decentralised Entertainment Studio to SHOWCASE Creative Artists, Technology, Lifestyle Trends and Beyond.

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The Calling

With over 8 years working on top Hollywood Film Trailers, EUROPAFILMS creative director Rob Crabtree guides the new Land Rover Defender through what appears to be an Impossible Set of Off-Road Challenges.

After owning 2 Land Rover Defender 110  vehicles, I was impressed by the new Defender 2020 re-design and product launch.  So much so, I was inspired to create the film THE CALLING.

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Perfect Exposure

We take time to plan our shoots and a major part of that is finding great locations. After our pre-production and planning the excitement builds as the location shoot day draws near.At Europafilms, we have always favoured a holistic approach to capturing cinematic film and photography shots.  For us, it is about timing and setting up and waiting patiently for the perfect moment to capture each shot. 

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Welcome to Europafilms

Creative director of Europafilms, Rob Crabtree is an award winning creative, with 20+ years of high level experience in international digital media creation, motion design, art direction, producing and directing live action and photography for a wide range of clients. Rob is also the co-founder of NXT Studios, a decentralised media and entertainment studio for independent creatives and visionaries. 

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