30th October 2019 europafilms

Perfect Exposure

We take time to plan our shoots and a major part of that is finding great locations. After our pre-production and planning the excitement builds as the location shoot day draws near.At Europafilms, we have always favoured a holistic approach to capturing cinematic film and photography shots.  For us, it is about timing and setting up and waiting patiently for the perfect moment to capture each shot. 

The weather has a large part to play, so we provide a detailed weather report with sunrise and sunset times. Often a schedule can be shifted by days or weeks, just to select the right window for a shoot.

With a cinematic detailed view and our film making background, our style is to capture the cinematic lighting conditions in each location. For this we have to be patient and shoot when all the conditions are perfect.  This can mean all the difference when we are waiting for an actor to get into position or for the sun to fall into the perfect spot in the sky.  


A Cinematic Approach

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