LumberJack is a gritty, slightly groomed character, created for the iClone Lip-Sync Animation Contest 2021. 

Update: *Gewinner / – iClone Lip-Sync Animation Contest 2021

The LumberJack character was created in Character Creator – CC3, and further animated using iClone. The voice actor was created from artificial intelligence thanks to the Replica Studios – AI Voice Actors software. The Replica audio was imported and combined with AccuLips and Explus features to enhance the facial expression. 


Character Creator has become an essential tool in our production pipeline for 3D character and Digital Human creation. Reallusion has enabled us to produce realistic characters, Digital Humans and high quality animation for any scene we can imagine. Making it an intuitive experience to block out our ideas and then to further refine the process for either stills, film or video output.

We focus on creating high value 3D Characters, Game Assets, Visual Effects and Animation for entrepreneurial brands, movie studios, broadcasters, producers, game studios and media publishers.

Animation, VFX & Character Design

From stylised 3D Characters to realistic Digital Humans for games and movie scenes.
We create cinematic worlds with a fusion of creative character design and the latest technology.

3D Character Design

As part of our 2D & 3D animation pipeline, we create characters for films, games, visual effects and events.

Fully Rigged

Our characters are fully-rigged to make optimum use of motion capture techniques and actions.


As the story develops we composite the animated characters into their imaginary world.



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