25th May 2020 europafilms

Awesome Opportunities

Are you ready to collaborate in creating a completely new realm of possibilities? Yes, that is a massive statement and we are stepping up to create this fresh set of challenges.

If like us, you are tuning into the great awakening that is in full force on all dimensions simultaneously and feel that we are on the cusp of experiencing a new era in positive creative thinking. Buckle-up. We are in for a ride.

A monumental shift in the perception of our reality is occurring right now. Sure, it will take some adjustment, to align yourself with the unified field. During the transition of all great historic changes, follows a pattern of responsibility, safety, privacy of data and the wisdom granted to fine tune the positive benefits for all around us.

So, are you ready to unmask your potential? With a clear mind and unwavering strength of character, get ready to step into this Awesome Opportunity.

Nothing to Fear, Only Fear Itself. 

See it as a new set of creative challenges, a fresh thinking approach. What we have all been put here to manifest as a unified creative force. No ego or old normals allowed here. Only forward momentum from this point on.

There are plenty of good people in this world, on the positive side of life, all connected by a higher source, all working to manifest a new positive world of abundance, balance and harmony. If you understand How The Universe Operates and Behaves, you have the Key to Success, Creation, Wealth, and Everything.

If You Can Stay Positive in a Negative Situation, You Win.

Honest, positive, life affirming beings, fully grounded in truth and connected to their higher selves for the greater good of humanity. We are inspirational leaders on this journey to an alternate reality. Defenders of our people from the forces of darkness.

Take a step back with us for a moment. Another one and another until you can visualise our collective footprint over thousands of years, achievements and failures and turning points. Who has been in control and how they controlled us with fakery and division. They had us all chasing bits of paper, created out of thin air in a perpetual debt spiral, benefitting only a select few elite cabal members. 

These truly dark forces of pure evil, have all lost their minds trying to control our energy for thousands of years. They are the greedy money-magicians behind the curtain, the so-called creators or owners of our fake reality. Their time is up, way up! They are destroying themselves right in front of our very eyes. Do you see this carefully scripted movie playing out for all to see?

A re-write of history or herstory, (depending on your own perception of events unfolding). This is way beyond politics, religion or any control matrix ideology you can think of.  Way beyond the forces that have worked to weaken and reverse the divine plan for thousands of years.

Do you see it yet, this vision unfolding or are you still just looking?  Fine either way, to be a passive observer, that is. There is no prejudice, it is what it is.

You may be thinking that we are way out there, that is fine too. We are exactly where we need to be, at all times, past, present and future.

The Potential of Our Human Experience

Just be aware of the trillions (quadrillions) they have invested on the great deception, to keep us distracted and disconnected from source, our spirit and true potential. Then imagine our world, if all that time and energy was spent for the Betterment of Humanity.  This is where we are now. At the epicentre of our collective journey.  So step into your power, the awe-inspiring spirit of the Golden Age.

Time then, to join us in collaboration, on a scale no-one has ever experienced. An inspired team of creative mavericks and 5D chess players fused with a higher dimensional vibration of energy, free from the evil forces that we allowed to enter our collective psyche.

This is very good news. We are now on the positive timeline and thanks to the work of visionaries like Nicola Tesla and others, where we go one, we go all. We have the golden key to the universe and this is our time to unlock the door and step into the creative quantum future we all deserve. A time to manifest and create a positive experience as the multi-verse unfolds to take us all to greatness. Nothing can stop what is coming.

This is the greatest time to be alive

How lucky we are to experience this moment in our lifetime. Feel blessed and be blessed.

The universal meets the multi-verse, a sharing economy, a decentralised yet unified series of events that will allow us to evolve to our true potential.

Be Woke. Boom! and Bloom. Love what you do.


Be peaceful, be ease-full and be useful.


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