4th August 2020 europafilms

Electric Universe

When an iconic brand like Porsche crosses our path, it triggers a sense of pride and ignites our inner creative passion to do great work to capture the brand. After meeting the Porsche Taycan Turbo S for the first time, it was clear that the iconic Porsche design would not only spark the imagination, but resonate with your inner core. The feeling was instant, this was a pure cinematic moment. A shot of creative adrenaline for us to shoot the kind of photography that would elevate the Porsche brand to new heights. This was our inspiration, our elevated mood as everything was aligned that evening. The location locked down, weather, atmospherics and the natural sunlight were all in perfect formation for our shoot for the Porsche Taycan Turbo S

The Porsche Taycan Turbo S gently purred in the driveway like a sophisticated lion, focused on the open road, as if in the calm before the hunt moment. Smoothly engineered features opened slowly. First the folding wing mirrors animate into their driving position, then the door handles indicate your gateway experience into the interior of the vehicle.

Shot on location in the hills of Andalucia, Europafilms Creative Director and Photographer, Rob Crabtree moved into position, to capture the first Porsche Taycan Turbo S to be delivered in Europe.

As the light was setting into the evening, the body colour was shifting between Dolomite Silver metallic and the gold of the sun. As if the body was alive and breathing. 

The timing was incredible. A classic cinematic moment in time, light, vibration and frequency. We realise in these rare moments that if we observe and tune-in, we are all connected in an electric universe. Human and machine. 

A brief silence and sense of calm, the only thing to make a sound was the shutter of the camera. Followed by a feeling of achievement and knowing. As the sun slowly drifted into the distance, the golden hour passed and the mission was complete. This positive moment sent Rob straight to post-production the same evening. It was like we had captured a rare jewel and wanted to revisit the electric universe from where it was captured.


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