Action & Adventure

Our film and photography assignments have taken us around the world to some spectacular locations.
Thank you to all the crew members for the support and hard work.


Dubai, UAE

Europafilms partnered with local production and location services in Dubai to shoot 10 TV commercials for 8 agency clients.
We filmed in August, the hottest month by far, but we still delivered outstanding footage.

Andalucia, Spain

We were challenged to shoot at a working Olympic Training Equestrian Center in Southern Spain.
It was surrounded by orange groves and olive trees and flying a drone near animals had to be carefully managed but the footage was incredible.


Full 4K - 6K - 8K Production

We film and create in 4K, 6K, 8K formats for films, motion design, visual effects, editing & post-production.
The perfect combination of both technical and creative excellence is hand selected to compliment every project.

Project Planning

We present a clear calender and budget outline when translating shot lists into production schedules.

Location Scouts

Our location scouts provide options for every eventuality. Local knowledge and logistical expertise is provided for each location. Including official permits.

Weather Reports

Filming on location can be a challenge. We place great importance of location and weather reports ahead of time, so we can maximise our filming days.

Pro Gear

We have our own 4K format camera packages and can hire additional camera packages for 6K and 8K production if required.


Our crews are hand-picked to keep a good balance of expertise and friendly service.

Production Support

Our production crew work efficiently to provide the best professional service within the budget framework.


All-Star Team

Chemistry is everything when working to a short deadline with talent and expertise.
We pay attention to the details of creating the right balance of hard working crew members that can get along.


Locations Scouted


Filmed Locations


Countries Visited




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